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Vivacity has launched a range of new Online Courses and to celebrate we are offering you 50% Off all our courses.

Wish that you could sort out your compliance, your business and feel on top again? These courses give you what you need so much so that ASQA recognises them as Professional Development. Especially designed for RTOs like yours in mind, these courses are your certified problem-solvers.

5 Steps to RTO Success

This intensive 6-week online course reveals secrets that will build your RTO as a business and as a success. Know your mission. Know your mind. And know that Vivacity’s experts are showing you the way.

Assessment Validation

Do you evaluate yours against the Rules of Evidence, Principles of Assessment and Training Product requirements? How familiar are you with these? How familiar do you need to get?

Education in Isolation

Learn the tools, technology and techniques to get your training online.

RTO Compliance

Would you survive an audit from ASQA today?

Because compliance is the bedrock of an RTO’s success, this course gives you critical information and tools to keep your business flying.

Meet an experienced auditor, who takes you through every Standard, and what compliance means for you.

CRICOS Compliance

Beyond the changes brought by the National Code 2018, you and your team will gather tools that help you implement a continuous improvement culture. And tools to manage your compliance challenges.

TAS Superhero

Don’t Get Tangled in Your TAS

With Vivacity’s 8-Week TAS Superhero Course discover amazing ways to make your Training and Assessment Strategies fly

Industry Consultation

A range of industry consultation strategies is crucial for ensuring that you are engaging with industry effectively. A range of strategies is a lot more than just one survey sent once a year…

“The RTO Compliance Course was awesome!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this new learning curve I am about to embark on…

the word “audit” has never been more appealing…

bring it on I say!!!”